Keyholder Suggestions?

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  1. I'd like to get a key holder so that my keys don't scratch the interor of my handbags and would love suggestions. I have one large key fob for my car, 2 other keys and a few of the small key store loyalty cards that I'd like to put inside the holder. I don't need it to fit any credit cards, etc.

    I'd love your suggestions. My requirements are that it must be leather and it must fit the larger key fob inside the holder. And a bright color would be fun but isn't necessary.

    Thanks for helping!
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    Something like this?

    Also there are a lot of apps like Keyring where you can upload all of your reward cards to your phone.

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  3. I think you need a pouch or a case like these :graucho: :

    All from
  4. Very good suggestion. 👍👍 I'll use an app instead of carrying the cards.
    That red one is TDF!!! I wonder if it will hold a large key fob.

    I checked my key ring and I only have the fob and my house key so, utilizing Shelby's suggestion, the holder doesn't have to be as big as I thought. I have two other mystery keys on my ring - no idea what they go to. LOL!

  5. LOL on the mystery keys!

    I like the red too, I'd buy it too except I wear my keys around my neck on a Lee Miller lanyard. I often have my address written on something in my bag, I figure best to keep keys and address separate (growing up in the big city paranoia)
  6. I have one from Tory Burch that I currently carry as a full-time wallet attached to my keys (I don't like a full size wallet). I have had one black patent leather from Coach and a gray leather American Apparel one (both could not be overfilled well, and the zipper would keep opening. But the Tory Burch is my favorite, right now. I've used this everyday for 6 months now. The leather feels like new and I am very hard on and overfill my small leather goods. But the metal logo scratched within the first few days of having it (I mean, it should be sturdy enough to withstand keys), and I wonder if the zipper is about to give again. I am thinking now of getting the Gucci Blooms one... or actually get a full-size wallet this time.