Keyfob question

  1. I'm just wondering if keyfobs came in a box of some sort bcoz i bought one as a gift yesterday and the SA just wrapped it with some tissue paper and placed it into a small bag for me. is that how it normally is?
  2. I got one for Xmas and from my BF's mom. She happens to be a SA, but my keyfob was in a COACH box along with a coin purse. They were both wrapped, so I don't know if the box was just b/c there was 2 items or not...
  3. I find with all Coach items I buy, if I dont ask for a box, most likely I wont get one. I've learned to ask for boxes all the time now for storage purposes.
  4. Yes. You have to tell them it's a gift.
  5. the SA asked me if i wanted to use it straight away and i said no, it's a gift for a friend? i didn't really notice that there wasn't a box until i got home coz i placed it inside my bag.
  6. I have always gotten my keyfobs wrapped in tissue inside a small box!
  7. should i go back and ask for a box or is that going too far?
  8. If you live close to the boutique and you want the box, I dont see anything wrong w/ going back and asking for one! Keep us posted!!!!
  9. I would go back and ask for one, sure!
  10. I always ask them to wrap my stuff because, gosh I :love:the pile of Coach boxes on the shelf in my closet! hehe
  11. I got two separate gift boxes when I bought a keyfob each for my two stepdaughters. They even put different colored ribbons on each so I could tell them apart. I bought the key fobs a couple of weeks before Christmas.
  12. sometimes they'll give you one, but make sure you ask
    i ordered some charms once and forgot to ask, and they just sent them wrapped in the tissue paper which was a bummer!
  13. if there's a next time, i'll make sure i ask for a box but i can't exactly be bothered going back to ask for a box now. I think i'll just go buy a small box from the newsagency. =) thanks for the suggestions guys!