KeyFob Question

  1. What do you use to attach the keyfob to your purse as a charm? If a lobster clasp, where did you find them? What size did you get?

    I just read a post of someone who scratched there bag (:sad:) and dont want to do that to my pond shoulder so thought I would ask before I go searching tomorrow.
  2. I attached mine to the chain on the hang tag.
  3. I just bought a lobster clasp to go on my new keychain,

    got it on eBay from seller collectorsdice

    I just got it in the mail today and it's really nice, very heavy and I'm really pleased. v cheap too

    I'll post a pic once I get it on the keychain, but here's his pic from the auction

  4. I was wondering that myself. Everyone wanting the owl, lion etc. (they should make them in charms)...
  5. Thank you! They had exactly the number I needed so I got them. :yahoo:
  6. Ditto
  7. they are very nice, you will be pleased, they are actually more heavy duty than the one on my coach trigger keyfob
  8. So far Ive just attatched them to the hangtag
  9. You could probably find a lobster clip like that at a craft store, too.

  10. my question about this is how wide does the clasp open? like does it open wide enough to go around all hardware? cause i have seen some that dont really open that wide,,, :sad:
  11. ^^ yeah you have to be careful about that

    the new handbags actually have an extra O in the zipper part...its thin enough that if you wanted to loop your keyfob onto it you can

    and hang it off from there.

    bonus, if you have a carryall, you can just put it through the dogleash closure they have there...i've seen a lot of customers do that.
  12. my thing is i really prefer to have my stuff dangle where it can be seen and not ont he zippeer ring which really winds up in my armpit or sort of hidden,,, :sad: thats why i look for things that are big enough to go around hardware like on the sides or straps of bags,,

    i have found the only thing that works for me is i buy like a long chain of those ball and chain things
    and then i cut it and attach the ends so that i can make it as long as i want (not too long but enough to go around and dangle from stuff)

    and i get it in silver and gold so i can match whats on the keyfob,,,

    but i wish i could use the lobster things too,,,
  13. I use lobster claws (like what court posted). You can get a bunch of them in a package and Hobby Lobby or Micheals for next to nothing (even in silver or gold).
  14. Ditto!