1. What kind of keychains are there? So far I've only seen a rat. I would love to have a keychain hanging from my purse. And when I search on eBay I didn't find much more :confused1:
  2. MBMJ has a leather strap keychain that comes in a multiple of colors. They're only $4.99 each.
  3. Thanks Melly and thiti. I looked at the thread and I fell in love with the mini purses..I saw the leather key chains but I was more thinking of something like the rat, but now I'm totally into the purses *drools* :drool: Where can you buy them?
  4. You could call the MJ boutique and ask them to ship to you, I believe they ship to Canada.
  5. And I believe there are also letters that form MJ's name, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Thank you guys! :yes:
  7. I am desperately trying to lay my hand on the stam and venetia one :sad: is it possible to ask for a CP on this website? Or is that strictly for the marketplace?