Keychain/fob/charm collection...:)

  1. My son told me I was a show-off, but just wanted to share my keychain/fob/charm collection with my tPF friends.

    red patent apple, goldfish/koi, skull, flower with ladybug
    orangish-ish red perfume fob, pink flower, red/white/gold coach & horses design, denim flower, gold 3D "c" sphere, red patent butterfly

    frog, globe/earth, red flower, teddy bear, apple, koi, skull, yellow flower with lady bug, green leather fob with clip
    watermelon, "J" initial, gold sphere, smiley face, red-orange perfume fob, pink flower, red/white/gold coach & horses, denim flower, round gold locket, red butterfly

  2. Very nice collection! Quite a few rare finds there, I've been looking for the watermellon myself! congrats!
  3. [​IMG]

    frog, smiley face, red flower, peace sign
    watermelon, "J", globe/earth, "Love" fob


    peace sign, apple, lips lanyard, koi, "B"
    "Love", pink flower, denim flower


    lips lanyard, koi, "B", gold locket, green leather with clip
    denim flower, gold sphere, skull, dollar sign

    Sorry some of the pictures are repeats. I tried to take them all, but forgot some the first time, and omitted some the second time! I gave the teddy bear to my mom and the "B" will go to her too.
  4. Nice collection!
    I love the red poppy. I think she's a bit rare!
  5. Thank you MrsCook & e.Kat. I've seen the watermelon on eBay recently. I wish the poppy was rare enough that I could sell it and retire!! Haha. :p
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhh
    show offs!!!!

    seriously, those are fabulous!!
    i'm soooooo greennnnnn!!!
  7. I love all of the flowers and the globe--so cute!! you have a FANTASTIC fob collection!!!!
  8. Super cute! I need to display and "show-off" my collection too! :p
  9. Yay!! Nice Job! It looks like I've found another kindred spirit (like MsAmie:p).
  10. they are all so cute
  11. You've got an amazing collection! I especially like the globe charm
  12. I've never seen the Poppy flower keyfob before....Me likey A LOT :tup:!!!!
  13. Beautiful collection! Congrats.
  14. jelita78 and charlie - Thanks for the kind words!
    coachgirl12 - thanks for looking! Yes, let's see your collection too!
    brooke11 and kiuty77 - thank you! I like the globe alot too. I bought it off eBay and didn't know at the time that the other side shows the other side of the world (Europe, Asia, Africa). I thought it just said Coach! :p
    CA-Anonymous - Thanks, the poppy is so cute and really has a lot of detail on it! beljwl and admat97 - thank you! I love to share my stuff with tPFers.

    My daughter just came over today and begged for the skull. I gave in, but now I have to replace it with something else!
  15. Awsome collection; I really like the poppy flower fob and the "LOVE" charm! Those are quite rare--I've been looking for those on eBay for a while and havent had any luck!