Keychain fell apart


Aug 28, 2006
Ok, not sure if this is petty but I love my Jack Russell Leather keychain, like the beagle that came out over the summer. The thing is that the ear fell off and it is coming unglued. It is kept with my Jeep keys that don't get carried around.

I am wondering if I could get it fixed. Should I send it in? There is sentimental value to it since I have a Jack Russell so I don't want to lose it completely.

What should I do? Thanks for suggestions.
take it in, if they can't fix it then they should give you the choice of getting it back or a different replacement or a percentage off your next purchase.
I had JRT key chain too and the ear also fell off but I didn't realize it and so the ear was lost forever. I ended up getting the one that's not made out of leather.

They'll prob. be able to fix it for you. I've had only wonderful expereinces with Coach repair. And like aarti said they'll give you a discount on your next purchase if they can't fix it. I think I got 40% off when my wristlet zipper broke. I ended up getting another bag.

Do you have JRTs?