Keychain & Charm Shadowbox

  1. I've been talking about doing this for a little while and just now got around to doing it. Of course, it helped that I went to the outlet today and spent way too much money on Keychains and Charms. So a week or so ago I bought a 9" x 20" shadowbox from my local craft store (Michaels) because they were all 40% off. For now I have used pins to hold all the keychains and charms in place. Ideally, it would be a shadowbox that the glass/plexiglass slides out instead of having to pry the back off everytime I get a item out. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. You will notice that I have at least one blank space that I still need to fill.
    Keyfob and Charm Shadowbox1.JPG
  2. Great idea and collection!!
  3. Wow... that is a great way to admire your keyfobs and charms. :tup:

  4. What a GREAT idea!! and I LOVE your keyfobs!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!
  5. That is so awesome! Do you have it hanging on your wall? or in a closet? What are you going to fill the empty space with... did you see that new bumble bee?
  6. That is a awesome idea I think I might have to do that too!
  7. that is an awesome idea. maybe you should think about using like, small nails; you know the kind you hang pictures on, and then they could hang, so you could take them on and off at your leisure.

    I would hang it front and center above the fireplace for all to see! Hehe!
  8. That is great! I've been collecting the key fobs and charms and really want to make a holder, too! Yours is great- and we have several of the same fobs/charms : )
  9. you are so creative!
  10. Lovely collection you have there, and what a great idea :tup:
  11. I just started putting one together... put little nails in a cork board and hung it in my foyer- that way its easy to grab a new one to clip on my bag! :smile: I'll post pics once I've finished it.
  12. great collection of charms/key fobs.
  13. What a great idea and a cute collection!
  14. Excellent idea! Did you see the new elephant keyring someone posted here recently, that would make a cute addition to your collection.