Key to this lock?

  1. Hello all....

    My brother has given me a beautiful Coach travel bag that once belonged to his ex. Inside, I found a very nice lock that was included, wrapped in Coach tissue. The keys, however were nowhere to be found.

    Naturally, I called Coach, hoping that I might score a key, especially since the lock isn't numbered. Unfortunately, the bag is discountinued and the agent I spoke to said that I would either receive a package with a key, if it was still somehow available or a call saying, "No such luck." I got the call.

    I would love to have a key to the lock, for it's just too pretty to have to use as a charm or keyfob. If any of you Coach fans have an extra key, I'll be more than willing to pay. Please let me know or tell me where I may be able to find one.

    Here is a pic of the lock for reference:

  2. I'm not exactly sure but I've seen those locks at Macy's. They are used to lock the bags to the display shelf so no one can really try it on or remove it from the shelf. Maybe call or go to a macy's to see if that lock is the same lock they use. I remember seeing them and wanting one because it said coach on it, but i don't think are on sell.
  3. A locksmith might be able to create a new key for you.
  4. If these locks are used to lock up bags, I'm pretty sure Macy's doesn't want people to have copies of the key lol !
  5. Thanks, guys!