Key Skills gap in US??

  1. A slightly random question here.. me & my Bf want to move to the US one day we have a plan on how to do that but it's always wise to have a back up plan, I know immigration to many countries are easier when the person(s) have a trade/skill that the country is in need of, so my back up plan is perhaps doing some retraining in a field that is needed in the US.

    My past career was in Health & fitness and I'm now in Retail are know these are not in demand careers so I was wondering if any one knew what careers/skills are in need

    Thanks in advance
  2. The Healthcare field is ALWAYS in demand in the U.S. There is a sore nursing shortage here.

    Good luck!
  3. Math, Science and Special Education teachers are also sorely needed.

    Case in point: my brother had to teach his math class (calculus) when he was in high school because the school district couldn't find anyone to teach it. My brother literally had to stand in front of the class every day and explain calculus to his classmates. I am under the impression this happened periodically for his Geometry and Physics classes as well.
  4. Yikes, shoulder!

    Your brother must be a math whiz!
  5. I don't know much about the fields that need help, but just another thought... sometimes if you work for a company abroad that has offices in the US that makes it easier too, like they sponsor you and help you get your visas. That is how my friend's bf came over.

  6. Oh yes! I always joke that if I had been born after him I'd be labeled as the underachieving child. He's now going to a prestigious university for free as an astrophysics major. I'm super proud of him! :tup:
  7. It's not simple to be any of those professions though, you need certifications. That's why we're short on people to fill the jobs.
  8. Shoulder: Yikes, astrophysics? Math was always my weakest subject..I can't even imagine. :lol: I'm sure you're not an underachiever! Don't sell yourself short! :biguns::lol:

    Purly, that's very true. There are so many people waiting to get into nursing classes, its ridiculous.
  9. wow shoulder that's kinda scary that your brother had to teach his own class, but hey astrophysics congrats to him truthfully I kind of suck at math unless it's shopping math then I cn work out a discount in a flash LOL

    Blue824 the company I currently work for is owne dby an american firm so that definately something I'll look into thanks
  10. ditto again for healthcare

  11. Healthcare and computers.
  12. I think healthcare is always needing people.
  13. I know Vegas at least, always needs teachers. We are behind over 500 teachers right now, and they are building new schools!!! Stupid people.

    Sorry, that was a little rant lol.
  14. Healthcare is always in demand!
  15. Definitely nursing and special education. Education in general, I guess, but it depends where you move to. Some places you can't find a job teaching and teachers are losing their jobs, but in others they are desperate for teachers.

    But, as purly mentioned, the difficulty is being certified in the U.S. to do these jobs (and for teaching you sometimes need a teaching certificate from the state you're going to teach in).