Key Purses

  1. Hi

    Does anyone have a key purse/wallet the type with hooks or loops inside for your keys. Have you ever had any problems with it?

    I've had a Burberry one & a Gucci one and the hooks have fallen out of both of them does this happen with LV?
  2. I have a Mono 6-key one and have not had any problems with it.
  3. How long have you had and do you use it all the time?
  4. you mean one of these
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My chain fell off but it was the hook inside that wasnt closed tight enough. Once it was fixed its been fine.
  5. I have a 4 key holders, use it everyday and no problem so far. It's at least 5 years old now.
  6. my 4 key holder and my cles are fine!
  7. No the other type a little purse style one that opens and all the keys go inside sorry I don't know how to post the pic from LV
  8. ^^ sorry
  9. This
    [​IMG] [​IMG]