Key pouches - bearn vs dogon?

Jul 11, 2008
I've recently been tempted by the fabulous colours in tadelakt :drool: (particularly grisolet :heart:) and thinking starting with something small to see how I like it.

Does anyone use the Bearn key pouch (I've see a great one bright red, which is nice and easy to find in a hurry in the dark depths of a handbag!) And wondered about their practicality -
Does the clasp stay nicely closed?

Does anyone use daily a tadelakt item? If so, how is it holding up?

Does the keyholder insert last well?
(I've have replace my last Mont Blanc one twice already as the hooks frequently break off.)
Any advice, suggestions and pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 11, 2008
Bearn 4 keyholder in rose shocking (chevre)


Found an example - Rose (pay it forward) - is this yours and would you like to chime in? :cutesy:
Aug 22, 2006
i have the dogon key pouch and love it - it fits my keys, the lock fob and a little flashlight. i did have to fuss with the chain thingie a bit, as it's too thick to fit through the eye of my car keys and the security fob. i detatched the keys and put them all on a plain round ring, which i attached to the base, then doubled the chain and attached the fob and flashlight by their jump rings. this way i can use a key and the flashlight to light the lock, and they layer nicely inside the pouch to close easily. another design defect (besides not fitting through key eyes) is that the stress of the pouch hanging from the harware while a key is in the car ignition has pulled the leather out of shape, so it pops out a little on the side when the pouch is closed.

i had mixed feelings about piece at first, and almost returned it - but now i LOVE it. it fits enough to be useful, is easy to find AND protects the inside of my bags from scratching. oh, and if you're just running quick errands you can stick your driver's license and some cash in there and not need to carry anything else.