Key pouch

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  1. Does anyone know is this out of production. Been looking for one doesn’t matter what color but I can’t locate one.
  2. They are still on the US website, but it’s Call for Availability. There is also the Venice key pouch, that’s cute too and Vernis. Did you try calling customer service to see if they can locate it for you?
  3. I’m going to call. Really wanted the Vernis monogram but have been told the new Venice one is replacing the Vernis monogram. To me the Venice just isn’t as cute as the Vernis monogram. Will see if calling can get me what I’m looking for.
  4. 4B8EB2D8-C047-4DF5-8B4E-CB8D0DA2EF9F.png

    Where are you located? RB is still available on the european site.
  5. I’m in the US. Dang.
  6. Good luck, sometimes customer service is more helpful than at other times.
  7. I saw one in amarante in a store in October... call CS.
  8. CS wouldn’t say they were discontinued but wasn’t able to locate one anywhere. Not a good sign.