Key pouch, worth it?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been looking into getting the lv key pouch in either mono or DE but I've been seeing videos about the declining quality. Is it still worth the purchase? If not, are there any other designer key pouches you would recommend?
    Thank you
  2. I just purchased one online Tuesday in Damier Ebene. I was a little leery because as of lately so many people are complaining of defects and that the quality is horrible. I purchased my first one about six years ago and the quality was great then. I just hope that the ones that are readily available on the website now aren’t the defective one’s that people have been returning. I would purchase and if you aren’t satisfied return it.
    Have you checked out Gucci’s Supreme key case? It’s a little more expensive, but it’s nice!
  3. I say go for it! I think they are fine.
  4. Let me know what you think of it when it arrives! That is true I could return it. I've the Gucci supreme key case, but I'm looking for more of a pouch. Thank you for the recommendation :smile:
  5. I have the key pouch in mono and have had no issues with the quality. I also recently bought the key pouch in empriente leather which I also like. I say go for it. It’s so versatile.
  6. I think I will :smile:
  7. I also want the monogram! I will go for it
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  8. I just got a DE key pouch MIF and the quality is pretty awesome.

    As far as using it for keys, its a little tricky getting my key ring/FOB to fit so Ive just been using it for cards, Lol.

    The main reason I got it, was so I can use it as a mini wallet whenever I carried my pochette.
  9. This is the exact reason that I want it. I hope I can get a MIF one
  10. C153E985-1391-42A6-A62B-D78194FE1DD5.jpeg FDF6F8A0-8544-49D8-B803-96C645DF4317.jpeg I carry about 10 cards and two bills inside of pouch and one house key on the chain. I like it... a lot. So compact and cute.. I bought different patterns to gift my family. (Interestingly the damier graphite one has a different zipper teeth and it is super smooth!!) All of them are MIF and slightly different from each other in terms of pattern (between two mono), stitching, shape, smoothness on the zipper. But for me those didn’t matter when pouch is full and being used. I havent had it for long enough to tell the durability but so far so good.
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  11. I got two that are MIF and they are slightly crooked. I tolerate it but I would not say that they are high quality.
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  12. I recently sold my DA. While I loved it, it did not hold up well to regular use. The corners were wearing off, had a bit of color transfer and the area where the chain came out of the cles had turned the fabric of the zipper area black. I know that DA is a little higher maintenance than other patterns so I wasn't upset about it. I just used it till I decided I was done with it. TBH, I'll probablly buy another one if I can find one.

    My mono one is my oldest and other than the chain/clasp needing to be replaced, it's held up really well. I haven't had my DE one for that long.

    If you can get your hands on one you should. It's is probably my most used piece and the perfect size!
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  13. I had the exact concern as you after watching a lot of YouTube videos, and a friend even told me she had to return her's. I even debated buying one pre-loved because of so many YouTubers saying that the old key pouch quality is so much better. But I was able to order one right before the price increase and to my pleasant surprise, it was perfect! No gaps in the bottom stitching or yellow tint like in pictures. Hopefully there will be no problem with your's if you decide to order one :smile:
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  14. I have a Cles in DE and DA. I had them bout since 2013 so about 7 years. It is true that there is a decline in LV quality but I would recommend this item. You can put your ID, debit card,cash and a chapstick in it and go run errands. It can be used in so many ways. I use it and my 4 ring key holder everyday for the last 7 years. My zipper on the Cles is showing chipped brass but that doesn’t bother me.
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  15. I have three key pouches (Mono, DA, and DE) and all three were made in the US (San Dimas, CA) in 2019. They’re all perfect! They’re so cute and useful. You won’t believe how many cards fit in there! Definitely go for it!
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