Key Pouch Wallet

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  1. I so agree with you...I even find MM a little smaller for liking but I guess I will be buying MM cause GM is crazy huge
  2. Haha yes!! I even mention it to the SA while trying it. Told her she needs to suggest to her boss to make MM a little bigger!

  3. thank you for the measurements! amazing :3
    the mm seems to have just about the right size to be carried as a clutch.
  4. yup! that's what I bought it for, just the right size I put wallet + card case + mobile + car key and still have some space left!
    its suitable for a guy too not girlish at all.

    uploaded my black mm pic to share :smile:

    Attached Files:

  5. thats what I am planning to do as well....
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. Love it, thanks for posting pix.

    On my way to Paris in July and ordered this in the dark blue with personalization.

    will post when I return.
  8. ooooh thanks for sharing!
  9. wooo ya wanted to do personalized too but didn't have the time lol. maybe will send it next time!
  10. Hi! Does your goyard senat holds an iPad plus maybe a cell phone or so? Any info is appreciated.
  11. Hello!
    Yup you can put an iPad plus mobile and a card holder. One thing to note is the senat won't fit your iPad if it has a cover already.
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