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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am looking for a new wallet and thought I would try Goyard out for change. Are there any Goyard pieces similar to the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch? I'm more of a LV person myself and love all my key pouches as wallets.

    Thank you!
  2. Goyard does have something very similar to the Louis Vuitton key Pouch, but the goyard pouch does not have a cles(key chain for keys) in or on it.:amuse:
  3. Do you know what it's called?
  4. Sorry i don't recall what it was called, but i have seen it in the store.
  5. I know they've got a zipped pochette which comes in different sizes called "Sénat".

    The PM is a LV key pouch-like, in Paris it costs around €300 for classic colors and €400+ for special colors. (yellow, blue, green, white, burgundy...)

    But as you can see it's the price of three LV clés... Personally i think it's not worth buying, the quality is not as great as LV and it's more expensive, but if you really like it then go for it.

    (sorry if my english is bad, i'm french and 17 so it isn't really easy for me to traduce)
  6. The senat pouches by Goyard are not not key pouches IMO. They do come in many sizes, here is pix of one that would hold an I pad.

    I don't recall goyard having an item similar to LV cles.

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  7. Below are the sizes for all the senat

    mini : Longueur : 10.5cm Hauteur : 5.7cm Profondeur : 0.6cm Poids : 38g

    PM : Longueur : 21cm Hauteur : 14.5cm Profondeur : 0.6cm Poids : 68g

    MM : Longueur : 30cm Hauteur : 20cm Profondeur : 0.6cm Poids : 170g

    GM : Longueur : 40.5cm Hauteur : 29cm Profondeur : 0.7cm Poids : 250g
  8. Yes that is what it is called... Yeah it is not considered a key or coin pouches it's just like a pouch to put everyday things or whatever you want to use it for.:smile:
  9. bought a black one 2 weeks ago!
    hmm didn't know they are called senat.
    according to the tag it's porte-document.
    i only wish it has a wrist handle.
  10. I just measured my LV key pouch (mono), which comes out to be a little larger than the Senat mini: 11.5 cm long x 6.25 cm tall
  11. But no cles chain on a senat

    There is a medium on eBay now.
  12. Oh where? Cant find it
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  14. PM is too small! and GM is too huge almost twice size of MM.
    if only have have something in between GM and MM. lol
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