Key pouch stitching

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  1. I ordered a key pouch mono online and got it today. There are obvious stitch holes around corners. Is that normal? Should I return it? Thanks.

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  2. mine newly bought one is like that too. had some old ones none of them looked like that though.
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  3. It's normal.
  4. I just checked my DE cles from 2014 and it isn’t like this. But I have seen many other pieces that look like that. Is it normal? I don’t know, but if you’re not happy with it I would exchange it.
  5. They all look like this nowadays.
  6. Thanks. Is it possible to get a better one if I return it and order another one?
  7. You can do that but all the ones I’ve seen in the past year or so have had the same holes in the stitching. Some were more prominent than others. But then again there were other issues such as not a neat rectangular shape, one side was curved whereas the other was straight. The list goes on
  8. All of the ones at my store looked like this, including one from online which I wound up returning. I did keep one from the store that was slightly better than the rest but the sides, corners and bottom stitching look just like yours. I agree this seems to be more of a recent thing. I have seen older ones where the stitching is much much better.
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  9. I think the stitching is very sloppy. I return mine January...never looking back. In fact contemplating for MCM version.
  10. I would see if maybe you could look at another one. Some times these little gems are hit or miss.
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  11. 6 year old on the left, 1 year old on the right. All the new ones are stitched up super crappy. IMG_0313.jpg
  12. The old one looks much better than the newer one. Today, I just went to the store and ordered another one and see if I can get a better one. If not, I just keep it. Thanks.
  13. They are making these faster and faster :sad:

    Not as much love or care going into them.
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  14. The older one is 10X better than the new one. The newer one is so sloppy looking and put together kinda half assed to me and I was just too lazy to drive 15 minutes to the store to exchange lol! It's just a backup in case something happens to the old one.
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  15. When I buy designer stuff, I don’t look at it under a microscope. Should I be? :wtf:
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