key pouch scribe damier or key pouch in mono?

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  1. hi bellas! please help me decide whether to get key pouch scribe (damier ebene) or key pouch (monogram)... thanks in advance! :love:

  2. what type of canvas do you have more, mono or damier ebene? if you have more mono, then get mono. both look really pretty and will makes a good key pouch.
  3. i have more ebene than mono. but i was thinking of pairing it with my mono wallet. thanks again pensopera. :hugs:
  4. the mono key pouch will looks good with the damier ebene canvas, the mono will goes with many canvas, good luck on your selection unicahija :smooch:
  5. the affiche collection is avaible to purchase yet?
  6. I prefer the Damier one, personally. I'm pretty sure these are sold out now, though.
  7. I like the mono better since it has that lovely trunk on it!
  8. Me too, but I like them both.
  9. What's the maximum amount of credit cards it can fit?
  10. Mono one is lovely, and that says a lot coming from a big DE fan:tup: