Key Pouch or ZCP?

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  1. I'd appreciate any insight from Key Pouch and/or ZCP owners out there.

    I currently have the Sarah that I absolutely love, but now in need of a smaller wallet. I'm looking at the Key Pouch in Vernis Pomme and the Ebene ZCP. The size is perfect for my camera bag, but I'm more interested in the functionality. I love the pop of color on the Vernis but I also like the organization aspect of the ZCP.

    How much stuff can both hold? I'm looking at using it to keep credit cards, ID's and cash (bills and coins). I'm looking at using it primarily with my Crumpler 5 million dollar home camera bag.

    TIA! :smile:
  2. The key pouch/cles will obviously hold far less than the ZCP, but I can comfortably fit four cards, some coins and bills in my Vernis bleu nuit key pouch/cles. It's really handy if you just want to grab something that will hold your basic essential cards and some cash. There's also an exterior pocket for an extra card or two or receipts or whatever. Mine doesn't look too bulky at all with four cards, two notes and a few coins. I'll attach a picture if you like.
  3. Thanks, boyoverboard! A picture would much appreciated!
  4. I think you will at least need a zcp. I love my pomme cles and I am currently using it as a wallet, but I only carry 5 cards and a few dollars so it's perfect for me because I don't carry much for a wallet.
  5. Zcp
  6. Here you go, shelbias. :smile:

    The lighting isn't great because I had to use my iPhone to take these, but... this gives you a general idea of what it can hold and how it looks with this inside. This is in no way the cles stuffed to capacity, so it could hold a little more if need be.


    If you think you won't be carrying much more than this, maybe you should go for the cles for that pop of colour you mentioned! I can't recommend the Vernis cles enough, in fact although I already have it in bleu nuit I'm seriously considering buying one in pomme too because I would like a small piece in pomme before it disappears, and the cles is so useful I figure I may as well have two! :biggrin:
  7. Llmar304 and ulikemahpurze: thanks for the two cents. Is the ZCP bulky at all? I know the website says they both have the same thickness (0.8") but I'm not sure how it would look when stuffed with contents.

    Boyoverboard: love the color! I agree, the pomme is such nice color. You got me sold, since I only anticipate bringing the basics. I'll primarily use the wallet during photography trips. Thanks for the pictures!
  8. I vote for ZCP for the organization factor... and that it's a "real" wallet so you may just end up using it in your other bags too. I think it's a better bang-for-your-buck.

    Edit: I just saw that your choices are for either vernis cles or ebene zcp... I actually vote for VERNIS zcp!
  9. I have the zippy. It holds a lot. I was doubtful about it at first but it holds lots of change, cash and several cards no problem.

    I also was having trouble deciding between it and the key pouch but I'm glad I got the ZCP.
  10. No problem shelbias! :smile: Hope the pics helped. Of course, you could always get the ZCP too! :graucho: I would like to have one in Damier Ebene too but I'll get the pomme cles first since it won't be around for as long.

    Can't wait to see your reveal!
  11. I think you'll find more use with a ZCP. I have both and the ZCP fits more. It will still stay compact because of the zipper closure.
  12. Im in the same dilemma, i need something small to put into my Eva, which will hold a few notes, 1 card and some change, i was also thinking the ZCP in Mono but i think the cles has a bit more to it, i believe you can also attach a key to the little chain, and the pop of colour will be fun! My DBF is buying me it for my birthday along with the Alma BB if it releases by November in the UK :yahoo:
  13. zippyyyyy!!
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    I love my ZCP and it holds alot. I have 12 cards (license, insurance, credit) some cash and coins. I have been carrying it this way and no stress on the zipper. I just make sure the card is straight in the specific compartment instead of angled between the folds. Here are some pics.

    First pic: cards are horizontal as normal
    Second pic: cards turned vertical

    Just now realizing how much it can hold.:tup:

    I have been thinking about the key pouch only for the fact that it has a clip that i can clip to my jeans on casual friday at work if i need to be hands-free in the cafe.
    I also like the idea that it is slimmer and can slip into a jeans/pants pocket easier than my ZCP when i am out at a soccer game or place where a purse is not functional.
    I may get a key pouch but will always have a ZCP. Maybe a key pouch in multicolore or vernis would be fun
  15. zcp