Key pouch (Cles) or mini pochette?

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  1. Hi all

    I'm looking for something to keep my keys and my headphones in. Is the Cles too small, or would the mini pochette be too big?

    What's everyone's favourite and why?

  2. I have and love both. How big are your keys? I took some pictures the other day for someone else but they might help you. Hold on one sec and I'll find them :smile:
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392662470.369144.jpg

    Okay, so there was no way that those keys would fit inside the Cles. But they could fit onto the lobster clasp chain and your earphones go inside.

    Everything shown here fit perfectly inside the mini pochette.

    Hope that helps

  4. Awesome, thank you!

    Keys are quite small, I have them on one keyring

  5. Looking at your pic I think the mini pochette may be the better choice.

    I see so many posts on here about the Cles and hardly any on the mini pochette. I wonder why it doesn't get as much love?
  6. You're welcome, I would vote for the Cles then :smile: mini pochette is more of a clutch as you can see
  7. Okay so I just saw you say this after I voted for the Cles haha. Honestly, I love my mini. I use it inside my bigger bags all the time and it helps me find things easier. But you can see that it works as more of a clutch. Having said that and after thinking about it, if I had to choose I might choose the mini too, because its always better to have extra room than not enough.

    Also, I just tried a small bunch of keys inside the Cles and it was still too bulky so would be best to go onto the clasp, rather than inside. Good luck :smile:
  8. Your pictures are so helpful.

  9. I have both the cles and the mini pochette and I would say the mini pochette is the much better option. I'll be honest in saying that I am not a huge fan of the Cles, I just don't have a practical use for it (I think I'm the only one on TPF that doesn't love it :shame:smile:. I grab and go with my mini pochette constantly though, it's probably my most used item. I can fit my debit card, drivers license, lip gloss, phone, and keys in there easily.
  10. That depends. I think mini pochette is more like a wristlet, which is cool that the phone would fit in it too! For me, I only own cles'es (perfect for my car key and DL/credit card/insurance card/ID) and LVoe them.

  11. I think my ideal is halfway between the two - typical!! lol!

    I think I would worry about jamming things in the Cles, whereas the pochette would allow me to put things in easier. I quite like the idea of it being a little wristlet too - two useful things in one!

  12. I can see it being really useful as a little grab and go bag. Whereas like you,I think I would struggle to know what I would usefully do with the Cles, other than it liking very pretty of course 😀
  13. Need to decide on DE or DA - any preferences as both are lovely?
  14. Looking at my picture I'm sure you know what my vote will be for ;) I would like DA in the future but I like how the treated leather lasts as opposed to normal vachetta. My mini honestly still looks brand new

    If you get chance, go and have a look at both. I actually went to purchase the DA a while back and wasn't totally blown away so I didn't bother but I still want it at some point haha
  15. I would say the DE just because of the pretty red lining :smile: Also, it would be easier to keep clean as the white/cream zipper track on the DA can become dirty. Both are beautiful though and the DA would be perfect for summer!