Key Holders

  1. Can you all tell me on the key holders (4 or 6 size with the snap closure)....

    Are they able to handle the thick car keys and still shut nicely? I wondered if they do close nicely and then if the profile looks decent. You know, not bulky etc.

    Any feedback is more than appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I put my car key in the middle and it always hangs out because it is too thick. I had both the 4 and 6 key holders, neither one looked nice when snapped closed. I'm thinking of getting the Rabat since even the cles are too thin also.:shrugs:
  3. I have cles and the 6 key holder. It wouldn't be big enough for a car key, however, normal metal ones fit nicely!
  4. When you say hangs out...meaning its bulky and it bulges like the snap might open?

    I was about to buy one, but wanted to ask...those car keys are thick!
  5. Thank you both!
  6. I actually think the cles might do the trick... if you only have your keys in there.. they will be perfect.. lemme test it out and get back to you.
    Right now, My cles is packed with ccs, money, ids haha.
  7. Meaning I leave the middle hook out with the car key because its too thick. Yes it does not close nicely with a car key inside that's why I leave it out.

    I am looking at a new alternative
  8. ooops... forgot the pic:shame:
  9. My issue is I am buying this to keep all keys inside when not in use. I need to protect the interior of my nicer bags from the keys scratching etc. I don't want to leave them out at all, so I need an option to be able to shut and store the keys inside.

    Right now I have 4 being the thick car key. Forget about the door opener..that is another issue.
  10. The key holders were made way before battery powered door closers-openers were standard issue. Perhaps its time for Louis Vuitton to re-do this item, bring it up to date a bit??
  11. Thought that why they came out with the Clochette? Could not bring myself to spend $300. for a keycase just to find out it has the same problems.

    Accommodating electronic home and car keys.

    Does anyone have own a Clochette? How well does it accommodate electronic keys?

    kelly... I think we all would like to protect the interior of our precious LV:love: bags.:s :shrugs:
  12. Interesting..I was also thinking of getting the 4 key holder, but if they're going to bulge I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I'll just stick to getting a cles.
  13. does anyone have a pic of their key holder with regular keys (metal ones, not big car ones)? does it close okay? thanks!
  14. For regular flat metal keys either the 4 or 6 will accommodate more than one extra key without looking bulgy or ugly.:yes:

    I use to have three key holders one in each LV pattern to eliminate searching for the exact keys needed. But, that became a hassle.:Push: :shame:

    Sorry I don't have pics. I was a fanatic about taking care of the interior of my bags in the past. Now I'm starting to pick up this bad habit again.:sweatdrop:
  15. Here are pictures of what keys CAN fit in the Cles.... Hope this helps! I also have change inside:yes:

    IMG_0816.JPG IMG_0817.JPG