Key holders

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Cambon or other key holder, and I was wondering if anyone could post pics of their key holders, inside and out. I'm a couple of hours away from the nearest Chanel, so I'll probably order one over the phone. I'm currently using an LV Cles, which has the little zippered pouch attached, and I like being able to keep my license with my keys in case I run out somewhere and don't need money. I'm thinking someone posted before that you could keep a license and credit cards and maybe a little cash in the Chanel key holders, but I've never seen what the inside of one looks like.
  2. its pretty much the same as the Vernis keyholders.
    They got 4 or 6 ring I think and the ones I've seem are in caviar. But one Chanel heyholder = 2 cles just so you know.

    Actually I regret not purchasing it when I saw it because now I've order them but have to wait 3-4 months before it arrives :sad:
  3. I didn't realize there was a shortage of them. I wonder if I could even find one. The LV ones I have don't fold over and snap closed. I know which LV ones you're talking about though. I don't think the LV ones have anywhere to put your license or cards, but I was thinking someone has a Chanel one and it did have room for cards. I was just curious what the inside looked like.
  4. There is a button on the keyholder/(cases) for vernis ones.

    Well its not really a shortage but I think they are not in high demand so they don't order them in. Im sure you can find one not sure when :smile:
    Oh the LV ones I think the 6 keyholder does have a slot for cards (not 100% but I think so), but the 4 keys dont.

    The Chanel ones do have a slot for cards (from what I remember).