Key holders

  1. Which one do you have? Pics?

    As u all know I'm a damier thinking whether to get a damier key holder or something else...

    any suggestions? i can't get it out of my mind!!:shame:
  2. I have a cerises cles :smile:

    I would get the damier...especially if you have a damier purse!
  3. i have the damier cles already...but i only use that for change...
    i wanna get a key holder..a 4-key will be enough..but im wondering whether i should stick with damier because my everyday bag is damier speedy and i hv a damier cles and a damier wallet
  4. Oops! Sorry! I posted Cles not knowing you were looking for the key holders.:shame:
  5. I think the key holders are not so practical. I had one in monogram canvas and I sold it so little time after. I think a cles is more useful and more cute. I´ve got 3 and I want 2 more.
  6. u mean u will put ur keys in the cles? wouldn't that scratch the leather inside?
  7. I never put my keys in my Cles. I just let them dangle outside the Cles. I keep my driver's license in my Cles so that if I just need to run my kids somewhere, I can just grab that and my license is already in there. A lot of people have said they keep a credit card and a little cash in their Cles also.
  8. I have just gotten the Bronze Vernis 4-Key Holder. They actually had one left in the Boston store!! I love the 4 key holder, it fits my keys just perfectly.
  9. Yeah I also have the Damier 4-key holder..I always keep the keys inside unless I'm going to use one of them (mailbox key, house key, etc.) But I keep car keys on my Marshmallow Vernis one..the keys always stay outside of that one because of the little remote thing.
  10. I Have The Mono 6-Key Holder. I've Had It Since The 80's....It Still Looks Very Good! :smile:
  11. I have the mono 4 key holder and I love it!
  12. I just use a pochette extender as a key ring. I guess it depends on how many keys you need to carry at any one time, but that works for the 5 keys I have.
  13. I had the 6 key monogram key holder but gave it to my Mom... I wanted a key holder that closed completely so that my keys would not come in contact with anything. I opted for a discontinued key holder and I am very, very satisified.