Key Holder

  1. Does Chanel make keyholders, and if so, does anyone have one that they could post pictures of? Thanks!
  2. Ha, I was just thinking the same thing! Good luck with your search.
  3. yes... I've seen caviar ones athe the 57th St. store!!
  4. Oh wow!! I was stuck between the LV Damier one..the Gucci Guccisima in Red..and the Chanel one..I haven't seen the chanel one yet though.

    Anyone know the prices of the Chanel one? Thanks!!
  5. Oooh, I want one!!!
  6. I want one, too!:heart:
  7. I'd like one too. Would love to see some pics.
  8. Someone call the 57th St. store up and ask how much it is please.
  9. Yup chanel makes them.

    I've order black caviar ones but they won't come for another couple months. Its double the price of a damier one but I think its worth it.
  10. Hm...keyholder card case??
  11. keyholders are 375 appx. canadian.

    I dont know about cc I never use them.
  12. Great! Thank you Yorelica
  13. Actually I regret not getting them in April when they were sitting in the stores :sad:
  14. <-----Here's mine, sorry no inside pix. Love it!:love:
  15. ohhh..nice...!