Key Holder

  1. hi all,

    i know this might be a ridiculous question but what do you all think about the H key holders? worth it or waste of $$$? i just need something to protect my purse fr. my keys. and lately i've just been placing them either in my coat or jean pocket. that can't be the permanent solution. and i've already been to other brands (LV is too bulky and Goyard is to blah). TIA!
  2. I don't have an Hermes key holder.. but if I were to purchase a new one where else should I head to?!?! :yes:
    I love my old cartier key holder. I don't worry about scratching the suede inside of my bags..or my wallets..or my cellphone.. or anything inside my bag!!!

    It's definitely worth it. Doesn't make metal noises so you don't mistake them for coins...
  3. oh you're such an enabler. ok then, i'll pick up one during my next visit. maybe a chevre (accessory leather of choice) in a nice bright blue color. just anything but black (no offense).
  4. Anyone know the retail on these?
  5. joanna thanx for the info!
    i do own a pale baby pink mont blanc key holder and i love it.
    check it out too!!! pennies compared to H lol
  6. around 500... i think.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Hermes lemming, I bought a 6-cles in Rouge H Buffle Gala and it has served me very well over the years. However, I have 2 very large car keys (the kinds that have built-in remote) and I have had to hang these outside of the actual case. Because of this, the metal attachment wore and eventually fell out! LOL I now have to carry these large car keys separately but if you plan to use these key cases for small keys, they're wonderful. Since these small leathergoods get quite a workout, the leather develops a gorgeous patina!
  9. And many cars are now coming with these big combo/remote keys. Maybe Hermes will make a modifcation! :smile:
  10. That's so true, GT. A couple of years ago I tried to use the small Vespa drawstring pouches to hold these huge keys. Didn't work for me. It might be worth another try because I hate to just drop my keys inside my bags!
  11. I'm looking for something, too. Let us know if you find the perfect solution!
  12. Here's my (dream) solution.......a driver!!!!!!

    "Hermes, Darlink, and make it quick....I have a BAG to shop for!!!!!!!"

  13. I like to wear matching wallet and key case and have purchased both from Hermes. They last sooo long so in the end, it is a very good buy. Any modern keycase is really just for house type keys. All our fancy new fangeled car keys have to be separate. I slip that into the pocket inside the bag.
  14. thanks ladies. i'm definitely getting one now.
  15. LOL, Kristie!

    I've tried the mini Dogon wallet w/ key chain but I hate to slip yucky metal inside since Dogons aren't made of Chevre.

    I don't know why I'm driving myself crazy over this but I hate to carry my car keys separately from the rest of my keys! Yet I don't want to look like a janitor w/ a bunch of keys hanging from a measly metal ring.
    Talk about being too anal!