Key Holder :(

  1. I just bought an epi 4 key holder and I am not so sure if I like it or not. I was so excited to get it and now i'm just blah about it. It does not fit my keyfob and car key, only one at a time and the other has to stick out of the top....

    I don't know if I just need to get used to my keys being stored in this fashion b/c they have always been on a key chain, or if this was a bad purchase for me.

    Did anyone else have the same feelings about they key holder and if so, did you get used to it or did you return it??
  2. I initially had the same feelings about the key holder because my key fob and car key don't fit well. But the key holder is just so cute (I have the amarante vernis one). Instead I use it for regular keys like house and office keys. This way I don't have anything except my car key attached to my key fob.
  3. You'll definitely get used to it. My mom has hers sticking out of the top too and then has her house/mailbox keys in another one that gets closed. Mine are in ones that get closed. But you'll definitely get used to having them that way...also, you got a great deal on it lol, I wouldn't get rid of it. :p
  4. Thanks for your opinions.. :idea: I did some searching and looked at how other people have their keys and it seems like alot of people have their keyfob hanging out... i did a little rearranging too and I think i have it organized a bit better.

    LVbabydoll..I know i got a great deal, I am SO excited about that...that's why I'm trying not to make a rash decision and get rid of it!!
  5. Sosti, I use the four keyholder and really like it. On the first ring I have my car key, the second ring my car remote (which I always keep out and never snapped inside--it won't fit) on the third ring my 2 office keys and on the fourth ring two house keys. I have it in pomme d'amour.
  6. Thanks Desingning Style... I think I am warming up to it a bit more after seeing some more pics and moving stuff around. :p