Key holder - vernis or epi?


Key holder - Vernis or Epi

  1. Vernis Violette

  2. Epi Cassis

  3. Epi Pomegranade

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am just in love with the new Vernis Violette but just realized, is the Vernis too delicate for a key holder. I often hear about scratches, colour fading and colour transfer.

    Should I get it in the Epi line? What do you guys think?
  2. epi can scratch too so i voted vernis, I just love vernis :love:
  3. The vernis actually holds up very well, and I just love the stunning colours it comes in. I'd pick it over epi.. :yes:
  4. Vernis holds up very well and doesn't scratch up easily. If you're worried about color transfer, just go for the darker colors (no color transfer)! :yes: I voted for vernis! :graucho:
  5. As much as I love vernis, I think the new epi colors are fun. I'm loving the cassis, so I chose that one.
  6. i have a vernis cles and have found that it has held up exceptionally well for the past 5 years...i used it almost daily for about 3, and it still looks great. i've never had an epi piece, but have heard they can scratch, but to throw into your bag, the vernis has been great for me

  7. ITA!!:tup:
  8. I love both but I think the vernis is so cute and girly and fun - especially in a small piece like a cles. :smile:
  9. I voted epi cassis, but vernis comes in at a very close second!!
  10. I can´t seem to find the bottom two to check the colour, but I believe that the epi cassis is that wonderful lilac I have seen somewhere else. I would go for that - It is absolutely stunning.
    Good luck on you choice.
  11. I'm not a fan of vernis, so I vote for Epi. It isn't sensible at all.
  12. Epi Pomegranade
  13. I would vote for vernis! I got mine in Pomme last year and its still very hardy- good as new. The dirts on the inside I cleaned it up with a wet tissue. No worries at all. :yes:
  14. I vote vernis...violette is so pretty!
  15. Vernis!!