Key Holder to minimise internal bag damage due to sharp keys

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  1. Hi everyone!:nogood:

    I was wondering if you guys use a key holder to hold your keys as opposed to a keyring. I would like one to prevent internal damage on my bags for example the balenciaga has the sterling silver plate that gets scratched easily by things like keys.

    Do you think this is strange for a young person to have as I normally see older women with these key holders. Are they a thing of the past?? I find it very hard to find any online, is this becuase its not very "cool" to have one anymore.

    I've seen ones where you tie ur key onto leather strap/strings and it slides in and out of a leather pocket like a pulley system as opposed to the tradition row if key loops.

    Any ideas ^^? :confused1:
  2. One of my bags came with a key holder on the inside... I should use it but I never do, and as a result I've kind of scratched up the lining and my sunglasses as well because I just toss everything in there at once :sad:

    It just takes forever to slip the keys on/off the keyholder.
  3. my mom actually used to use a key pouch to keep all her keys in so I have grown used to them.

    I am trying to look for one I really like - and there hasn't been a lot of progress because they are not that popular anymore - at least not around here...
  4. They used to be popular around 5-10 years ago I recalll but I was so young then I never thought I would have needed one. I wish they made nicer designs..
  5. I don't use a keyholder. My keys are on a keychain and the entire bunch goes into my LV cles. Because the leather is so durable, I'm not worried about scratches on it. So my bags are safe :yes:
  6. Came across this cute key case today:



    Seems to be available in only one colour combo on RareDevice:



    # ab03
    People will ask you all the time about this one...we call it the "key squid". Handmade felted wool in fun color combos hide your keys and keep them from jangling or scratching up the contents of your bag. Just pull the cord to release the keys! The small holds 1-4 keys and the large holds 5-8 keys. Small is 4" long, plus cord; large is 4.5" long.
    Designer: Abitax, Japan
    Dimensions: small is 4", large is 4.5"
  7. Ooo, that's really cool, passerby! Great find! I'll be looking into getting one of these - I hate having keys that stick out every way.
  8. I use a Coach key pouch for my keys. I also have a Marc Jacobs key holder. I know Louis Vuitton makes them as well. They are pretty easy to find.

    [​IMG]Marc Jacobs
  9. Im lucky that my carkey is a switch blade and the other two keys are only house keys surrounded by key chains and those silly key chain cards that stores give you


    (the car key folds in btw)
  10. I've only just started to do this - but I have a little Suzy Smith purse that I put my keys in. It's mostly ease of finding them rather than proctecting my bags.
  11. I totally use a keypouch. I have a Mandarina Duck that I bought a decade ago at duty free in Japan. I still love it to this day. I can hold a little more keys that the Marc Jacobs pouch I bought. And just like riffraff, it's more for convenience (so I'm not constantly digging in my purse). :P
  12. Chako, good question - now you've got me thinking about such a thing. I use a Brighton valet key fob, but it is disturbing to tuck the keys in the front pocket of my Inka. I used to use a key case, but got out of the habit when I needed something that would hook on my jeans. I've realized now that I no longer need such a thing.

    I am looking at a Prada Key Case on eBay - there is a black one with a BIN or Best Offer - hmmm...
  13. I have a 6 key holder from LV that is great for regular key, tucks everything in nicely. It doesn't hold a car key/fob combination though. So, I just bought a LV cles and hopefully that will work.

  14. I'm going to buy one after I damaged the lining of my prada bag :crybaby:
  15. I just bought one from tumi at bloomingdales mens section. It was 45 bucks but it has 6 or 7 holders and a removable holder for a valet key or bulkier car key. It closes with a remote on the inside. I know LV makes a bunch but nothing that held all of my keys except the tulum pochette (sp).