Key for lock #321?

  1. I know-I am a freak about these keys. The thing is, I bought a speedy on eBay and it has a lock, but, no key. I got one from a great PF'er for my other bag-smooches TX Girl!

    Now I need one for lock #321-anyone take pity on me? Thanks!
  2. aww, i have 323. sorry!
  3. I HAVE TO moment!
  4. NOPE...sorry..
  5. I don't have it either, I'm sorry. I always have an extra key with my lock sets, but I didn't have #321.
  6. lol, you're too cute ... I never lock my bags, but if I did I'd probably need a spare key too :p ... I just found the keys to me speedy yesterday - purely by accident, I was looking for something completely different ... I just double-checked, but I'm a 314 :shame:
  7. Is it that you don't like the lock on the bags,or are they actually locking the tabs so you can't unzipper it?
  8. OK-the first one was on a petit noe just hanging off of there-annoyed the crud out of me! I mean, why do you need a lock on a petit noe?

    With this one-it is actually locked and needs to come off, it is hindering the use.
  9. I didn't even know petit noe's came with a lock!
  10. I don't think they do-I think the person I bought it from just stuck it on there. it is hanging off one of the rivets that the tie goes through.

    321...............where are you?
  11. sorry I just checked no #321
  12. I got a 319 & 307..talking about keys...I lost my keys for 307..Does anyone have spare keys?:hrmm:
  13. Sorry, 311
  14. I'll check tonight...I have around 5 ...maybe one is a 321 or a 307.
  15. OOh-cool twiggers! That would be great!