Key Fobs - do you have them and what do you ...

  1. use them for? Your keys or something else? I have seen some use them as charms on their handbags as well. Brighton makes some really cute ones.
  2. My LV key fob :smile:

  3. This one by Alexander McQueen I use as a bag charm

  4. Very nice. :smile:
  5. Very cute!! I love Juicy ones!!
  6. i have some that i use for keys and some that i hang on my bags as charms.
  7. Would love to see pics!
  8. I have a few & use them mainly as charms on my bags.
  9. ooh i looked at that a few times but i ended up getting the dark skull instead.. it was also about 1/4 of the price :lol:
  10. for keys - i have a kate spade one in the shape of a purse right now
  11. I attach them on the bag as a decoration really.