key fobs and charms question

  1. Do you guys use your keyfobs for charms on your bags? or do you use them for keys only? How do you attach them without scratching up the hardware? I know the charms have the clip, but I don't think the clip can open up that wide to attach to some of the thicker hardware. Thanks..I saw some keyrings I would like to use as charms to hang from my purse instead.
  2. I just bought the apple key fob and I've been using it sort of as a charm on my black Ali. Admittedly, it was a pain to get it on there but I love how cute it looks! What I did was pry open the key ring and place somethin in there to hold it open-I think I used a pen but I can't recall, then I wrestled it onto the ring on the side of my Ali.

    It probably isn't something I'd do all the time honestly.
  3. I use my lion keyfob on my keys as my "keychain", and the "wallet photo" keyfob on my keys as well so I can carry my kids' pics wherever I go! Right now I have my J and my M charms hanging off of my new Chelsea hobo (see my post for pics), and I attached them using a SECOND chain the same as the chain that comes w/ the Coach hangtag. I clipped the J directly onto the second chain, and then clipped the M charm to the J charm so that it will hang lower (symbolizing my kids' first initials AND my initials are JM!!!!!!) I also have the brass heart keychain that I attach to other bags the same way w/ a second chain. This way it wont scratch the hardware on the bag!!!!!! Hope that helps!!!
  4. I have a skull charm and I attached it to my gallery tote. I actually switch it back and forth between the gallery tote and my LV Speedy. I thought about putting on my keychain with my keys but a lot of the times I stick my keys in my pocket and the skull charm would just be too big to do that.
  5. i also use them as charms for a bag. i have yet to put one on my keys..
  6. I put my toucan keyfob on my citron Legacy Leigh Satchel, it looks really cute on there! That's what I usually end up doing with them.
  7. I have the apple key ring for my keys. I also have the turtle and the koi fish which I will use on different bags.
    The turtle is on my ergo hobo now and I attached it to the ballchain for the hang tag.
    When I put one on my legacy shoulder bag I attach it to the big hook thing that attaches the strap to the bag. And I will do the same when I get my new Carly!
    Hope that helps!
  8. i have a leather heart charm, and the gold fish keyfob. i attach the charm and keyfob to my wristlets. i don't attach them to my keys, because they'll get dirty quickly then. i tend to throw around my keys a lot. and i'd put them on my coach purse, but the purse has the gold hardware and both the charm and keyfob have the silver hardware. *sad* it doesn't match. so i just attached them each to a wristlet.
  9. I have seen people attach the keyfobs to their bags by opening the little silver loop that the rectangular coach tag is attached to and then closing it with the keyring on the loop. I hope that makes sense! I think thats a great idea because then it comes on and off easily without scratching your leather.
  10. I just clip my lion keyfob onto my carly where the hardware clasp thingy is.
  11. did someone post a way or a pic to add a clippy thing to the fob to make it easier to attach to the inner ring of the bag? can someone help? I a, totally visual here
  12. thanks everyone!
  13. You can use one of those jaw-type staple removers to open up the key ring. And I've mentioned this before, but Silver-Coach sells little kits in both brass and nickel finishes and with large or small trigger-type OR dog-leash clips. I have one of each color and size and switch my keychain charms back and forth all the time.

    Here's their eBay store - they're great sellers and also sell replacement parts (not made by Coach but still good quality and classic bags):
  14. I don't use Coach keyfobs on my keys because they're heavy and bulky enough as is. If you put a heavy metal keychain (I've seen quite a few from Coach) on your car keys it can eventually mess up the iginition slot and you may have to get it replaced. Granted, it doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough for me to not want to do it.

    I have my metallic star keyfob attached to the ballchain and the tortoise keyfob on the leather strap attached to the zipper of my denim Carly. To avoid scratching the leather, I just use a key to pry and keep the keyring open.

    I'm contemplating getting other keyfobs for my other Coach bags, but I haven't carried any of them in soooooooo long (ever since I started buying lightweight tokidoki bags).
  15. I use the Legacy Purse charm on my keys. I don't know if I would ever put a charm/keyfob on a bag just because I might get sick of it dangling there. I would much rather decorate my bag with a scarf. :yes: