key fob or key valet?

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  1. so my keys are growing and i'm looking at the heart key valets. however, i dont know if i want my keys to be that long.

    do you all use key rings or key valets? what do you like better?
  2. I never use my key fobs on my keys. I always attach mine to the bag. They both are great though. Which ones are you looking at?
  3. I bought a legacy valet key fob from the outlet a few weeks ago and I love it. I carry multiple keys around and it's not good to have all that weight in your car's ignition. when you are driving. I twist my keyfob to only have my car keys and then re-attach when I'm done driving. It's proven so useful that I almost think I'll never go back to not having a valet keyfob.
  4. thanks for the insight! i have a push button ignition, but i would like to separate my car key from the rest of my keys when i go to the gym and just use a wristlet.

    last night was fh and i's 2nd anni of dating, and went to the mall and bought eachother presents. he ended up getting me the bcr heart key valet and the larger poppy perfume. yay!
  5. ^Kinda what I do....
    I have my car keys attached at one end, and then on the other turnlock side I have things like my medalert fob, mini sharpie so that I can take them off while driving and then put them on later. I keep car keys and house keys separate so if I was to lose something I would not lose EVERYTHING!
  6. ^^ That's exactly what I did when I had a valet keyfob. It's definitely convenient, but it takes getting used to if you're not already set up that way.

    The key set would end up being long, but only when they're attached - something I only did when I was going on a quick grocery trip or while changing purses. ;)
  7. I just got the breast cancer heart valet fob too! I LOVE it, it's so pink and sparkly and gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  8. I have the legacy stripe key valet. Hook on end into my purse HW and the take the keys off when I need them.
  9. i agree! it's gorgeous! plus, my mom is a cancer survivor, so it was nice to think that i will have something that will represent the cause
  10. On the note of separate keys, I actually use the keychain on my medium skinny. I keep my house keys/remote on it, and car keys totally separate.
  11. Personally I would be worried about that turn lock turning and gone are the other half of my keys. I know how easy it turns on my bags on pockets I dont use.. so I can imagine its just as easy if not worse.
  12. I prefer regular key rings to valet. My favorite are the trigger snap key rings though. I love having that clip!
  13. I use the legacy flower valet fob and I love it.

    As you may have read throughout, heavy keys = no good for car!

    The key fob is super handy ... Lets say you forgot something in the house, you can send your hubby or kids to fetch and don't have to turn off the car! :smile:

    Also, great for gym because you don't have to carry with you those big heavy keys!!

    Thumbs up for the valet fob!