Key Fob obsession

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  1. Lately I have become obsessed with Coach keyfobs! It started with the watermelon this summer. I just had to have it. Then the pink breast cancer heart.

    My birthday was yesterday so DH bought me the red patent apple (so fitting since i'm a teacher) I have to say it is GOREGOUS.

    Today I'm going to the coach store to pick up the bulldog one. DH ordered that one too.

    I think I have a problem. LOL. Anyone else obsessed with the keyfobs?

  2. The key fobs and charms are adorable. I have a bunch but have tried to stop myself from buying more because I don't like having a bunch of keyfobs sitting in my bedroom with tags still on them and am too lazy to change my keys often enough!
  3. Me too!! It started with the dragonfly, moved on to the snail, flower charm, mouse, turquoise fish, J charm, apple charm, mouse fob, breast cancer charm.... Lucky for me, most of those were gifts or bought at the outlet for 9.99. They are too darn cute!!!
  4. I'm slowly starting to gain this obsession too! There are a ton of them that I want but I'm trying to refrain too. I have the watermelon, and then I got the cherry, and now I just want the turtle, fish, flower, penguin, poodle, and the upcoming polar bear! Guess I shouldn't have said "just" in that sentence! :lol:
  5. Oh gosh I have more than I will ever use! It's awful! They are so stinkin' cute though and I just can't help myself! I have the same three as you... watermelon, apple and breast cancer heart... those are some good ones!!!!
  6. I didn't become obsessed until being on here. Previous to TPF I had my Pave Lucky Charm key chain and my turtle fob. In one week I purchased the metallic star, lion, flower, and now I'm considering the koala. I can't possible use all these, what am I thinking?!!?!?
  7. Me too. I have many of the enamel fobs since I like shiny things (if it's something pave, I will try hard to find it), but I do want some of the cute animals. But I don't buy them for the sake of buying, I have to like the design and actually plan to use it.
  8. I'm completely obsessed. I have been putting my key fobs and charms in shadow boxes that I get from the craft store so I can display them.
  9. I too am completly obsessed with the keyfobs / charms! I think I need an intervention!
  10. Great idea...then they become art! :okay:
  11. The shadow boxes I use are the kind for displaying butterflys and such. They have a latching glass door on the front, so if I want one of the fobs out to use it I just have to open the door. The other kind where you have to take the whole back of the shadowbox off is too much of a pain to use.
  12. Guilty as charged here! I can't seem to stop - which is the worst thing that can happen. As bad as it sounds, I keep praying they won't have any new ones that I'd like. Well, no such luck there!
  13. ITA, I love them but find myself too lazy to keep changing them out and when they sit in their sleeper bags they aren't getting used. I'll probably downsize my collection of fobs one day and just keep a few. My favorites are snowman, penguin, lion, owl, luggage heart, luggage star.
  14. I'm totally obsessed -I do have a few with various keys on them, but then I started buying the charms and somehow ended up trying to collect ALL of them -yes, insane I know, but I was on an Ebay buying frenzy for older ones. I was ignoring the leather keyfobs though until I found how how to convert them to charms and now... I'm on a buying frenzy with those! I like the leather ones to hang on bags because no worries about scratching the bags but for an actual keyfob, I like the larger metal ones best -I'm currently using the Legacy peacesign for my everyday car keys and I love it!