Key Fob name things

  1. I see lots of you that have the letter key fob's in your signature. Where did you get them?
  2. you make it yourself.
    i copied the pictures from the website, then used paint (or photoshop, or whatever) to piece it all together)

    hmm..might need to do a new one since the keyfob colors have changed...hmmmm...
  3. ^^ same thing she said...

    do alt-printscreen on each letter you want, cut it out, then merge it into one graphic. i use PSPX.
  4. I use plain old Paint. hehe.

    It's fun!
  5. heck yeah.. i just did mine today!
  6. made mine too... too bad they didn't have all the pretty colors from before.
    thanks for the directions.
  7. I used Photoshop,

    I would do a new one in brass , but I dont see the Letter C on the website...
    Go figure... C = Coach, shouldn't they make more of these...hehe
  8. Thanks for asking this question. I've often wondered the same thing.
  9. Thanks! Very easy to do :]
  10. oooo I wondered how everyone did that! I just tried to do it too. Lets see if it worked
  11. HAHAH it did but its uber mini! Im not that proficient on computers. Can anyone PM me to let me know how to make the picture larger. I ended up making it on paint
  12. Man, you guys are making me wanna make one!! *lol*
  13. I did mine-Its on my MySpace page...this is what it looks like...


    Im willing to do them for other people for a small fee of $20.00
    Just PM me your name and what you want besides your name(like I have the flower) and Ill make you one! Since the Japan site still has the pretty colors-let me know if you want the colors, or the new fall colors! Seriously-I enjoy messing around with PaintShop, so go ahead...PM me!:upsidedown:
  14. Hi Queen of the 702. I think I am going to PM you since mine came out super tiny!