Key cover length?

  1. Hi everyone -

    Yes, another question from the newbie:shame: ......every H bag I see seems to have a different length "key cover thingy" (pochette? I know it has a name, but it escapes me)....

    Some are rather short, while some nearly touch the table when the bag is sat down - is it just the whim of the craftsman? There doesn't seem to be a "set" length for these....and I sometime think they look a little funny when they're too short.....?

    Can anyone explain?
  2. The actual key cover is the Clochette, while the "string" is called Tirette..I don't think there's a specific length for the Tirette, I've noticed on my bags that they vary a bit in length, some are longer and some are shorter...:flowers:
  3. I second duna.
  4. Thanks!!!!!!:smile:
  5. Maybe that depends on the crafts-person who makes the bag
  6. I agree with Duna. Those on my Kellys and Birkins vary in length too:flowers:
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