Key/Coin Purse in Cobalt

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  1. Absolutely love the cobalt so I ordered the new key/coin purse to conserve space in my smaller bags. I miss the Mulberry tree as it was. The stamped tree just doesn't do it for me but I do like the purse. It has a pocket on the back and will hold the few things I need to avoid using a wallet (purse). For the price, I am pleased with the quality as I think the leather is good quality. It also came packaged in the new green gift box and I do like the box color.

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  2. Ooh this is lovely, what a beautiful colour! I've been looking at the same thing but in the candy pink. Would be interested to see how much you can fit into it. Looks similar to the LV clés I think?
  3. Lovely Izzy and can we see the new packaging too please? Im unlikely to ever own any but would love to see
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  4. Lovely accessory in a fabulous colour! Congratulations! :smile:
  5. It's gorgeous, I love that color! Congrats!
    Is that cobalt or the new indigo?
  6. Elvis, the box is a lovely color of dark green with gold Mulberry stamping on it. The ribbon was the same. The small shopping bag it came in was the old gray and will stay that way until they run out of the older stock. I think it is a great color and I like it.

    Helen B, it is much like the LV I have but holds more. I will keep my keys attached on the outside, it holds several cards and I have 3 in it plus my drivers license, several dollars but not change and I still have room for more. I have nothing in the outside slot. The side of the purse is made to accommodate more than I thought. However, there are no sections as there are in a wallet.

    Youngster, I may have said cobalt but it is the new indigo. My neon blue is beautiful but you have lucked out waiting because the indigo to me is prettier. I love the slightly purple touch to the color.

    I took a picture of the side and with it closed with money, 7 full sized cards and a ring holding multiple small cards to show this holds a lot without being stuffed. I could put my car key inside but I won't because it is one of those that opens automatically when you approach your car. Too much leather prevents the automatic opening.

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  7. Thank you! I think something in that color will be mine before year end.
  8. What ever you purchase I know you will enjoy.
  9. It's lovely! I'm definitely going to buy that too but in candy pink. :smile:
  10. Thank you, can't wait to see yours in the pink so be sure to post a picture when you get yours!
  11. I will! :smile:
  12. Congratulations on your purchase, its lovely. Which LV one do you have the Cles?
    I was going to buy an LV key holder this summer, do you prefer the Mulberry to LV?
    Thank you
  13. My LV is called a key pouch and it is in the Vernis Leather in the Rose Ballerine. It's very pretty and I like it but does not meet my needs like the Mulberry does. The leather is beautiful but still a little stiff and the Mulberry is more flexible and holds more. They are close to the same size. I suppose I would have to say I prefer the Mulberry.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I will go and have a look at the Mulberry one too before deciding
  15. Fab colour Izzy, the leather looks lovely and grainy too, so it should wear well, congratulations! I do like the little tree stamp...