Key Cles

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  1. I have a DE key cles I purchased in 2013. I have never really used it much as I find it a tad small for what I want to carry( just some cards and cash, but I hate folding my cash that small.)
    My question is have they made the key pouch any bigger over the years? Or is there something else I might should look into that will be small, but big enough to not have to double fold my bills just so they will fit into it?
    I have a mini pochette, but just looking for something even smaller if possible.
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  3. LOL was coming in to say the same.
  4. Victorine
  5. Key Pouch or Pochette Clé or Pochette Clés...
    But not “Key Clé.”
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  6. Over the years LV makes a few bigger Pochette Clés NM that you can look for? They don't make them anymore so you have to look on pre-owned websites or eBay.

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  7. The DG key pouch is supposedly slightly larger but I dont feel that it fits very much. I actually use it for my keys.
  8. Empreinte Key Pouch
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  9. This one! Or look at preowned “Rabat Epi Key Pouch”. Those were great models I wish LV kept on selling in canvas.
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  10. Yep. Clés means keys in French so if you say, “key clés,” you are saying, “key keys.”
    This is one of my pet peeves as well .
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  11. Here is the Epi Rabat Key Pouch in color cocoliquot red. Still is my favorite! :heart: