Key & Change Holder?

  1. I've always wanted to get a key & change holder, but I have too many keys and a bigger-than-normal car alarm remote. Although I could seperate the keys, I'm use to carrying everything together. Just curious, those that have the key & change holder, what's on your key ring and what do you carry in the holder? Thanks! :p
  2. i carry extra cash or credit cards in the holder, and 5 keys on the ring.
  3. can you share which holder you use? The 4/6 key holder or badge holder? I'm thinking about key holder like OP, and have those 'flip out' keys like Mercedez, VW & Mazda.
  4. Mine is this little one.
    Key & change.jpg
  5. hope these help.. BTW we have a search tool, if you search within the lv forum CLES (titles only) you'll find several other threads on this same topic.
    IMG_4885.jpg IMG_4887.jpg IMG_6094.jpg
  6. I'm getting a new car soon. Does anyone know if it can fit a big key? I saw the hook & it's pretty small.
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Oh i love the cles
  9. I ended up buying a denim cles and it works great!
    All my keys and the remote fit inside and I love it.
    My keys and remote didn't fit on the keyholders or the Rabat.
  10. get the new cles that is bigger! it comes in vernis colors including pomme and violette, maybe even amarante!

  11. same. i use it for extra loyalty cards and change. i dont usually put my keys on it
  12. Thank you everyone! Now it's a matter of which one? Too many choices!