Key & Change holder and a wallet?

  1. For those of you who have a key & change holder
    and a wallet.. which do you use more often?
    what do you keep inside your key & change holder if you already have a wallet?

    ive been using the change holder as a keychain and stuffing my bills, change, and cards in it, but it seems too small! i need a real wallet, but i dont want to abandon my little change holder! :smile:
  2. i use them both! my wallet holds my credit cards and papers and i put my coins and paper bills in small denominations inside my flat pouch. my koala wallet has a coin slot but i don't like the way the coins make a dent on the leather that's why a keep a separate one for the coins...:heart::heart::heart:
  3. same here... it doesnt matter if im using a wallet with a coin purse, i just take my key & change holder everywhere. its so handy.
  4. Both here too...
  5. I use my wallet more since I use my key and change holder as a bag charm. I also put my keys in the latter. When I use a small bag though, I use the key and change holder as my wallet.
  6. I use both. I use my wallet for....well....wallet stuff.;) I use my cles as a bag charm most of the time, and it also holds a small stack of my business cards.
  7. lately i have been useing the cles instead of a wallet. Its handy coz i can just tuck it in my pocket when i dont want to bring a bag.
  8. I use both...
  9. i use my cles (key and change holder) most of the time. it's more handy than my waller :yes:
  10. i use them both..I use my cles (key/change holder) to put in the cash I will use for the day or week (really good for and debit card i use on a daily basis..everything else goes in my wallet (drivers license, credit cards, coupons, cks, receipts, etc)
  11. I use both, wallet for checkbook, money etc. and key/coin for a CC some cash and business cards that I keep attached to my keys so when I need to run out I can just grab it and go!
  12. I just use my wallet...I hardly ever use my mono cles. :shame: I only use my vernis cles when I take out my reade pm (a vernis bag) just because it goes well with it. I kinda regret getting my cles, even though they're so cute...
  13. I was just about to ask this since I'm getting a new wallet soon, but love my framboise cles!! It's so handy having the cles attached to my keys, but I want to use my wallet too ... :sweatdrop: I was thinking wallet for important cards and cles for non important? or the other way around?
  14. Both for me.
  15. i dont have a wallet, so i use my cles