Key chains and charms at the outlets

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  1. Good morning everyone. I am wondering how much keychains and charms are at the outlets. I am pretty new to Coach and have been so busy buying purses I haven't bought any charms. I have an outlet about 30 minutes from me. Thanks:smile:
  2. good question, I too am wondering this since there is an outlet around 30 miles from me and have yet to go there.
  3. I know at the outlet that I go to at Albertville in MN the keychains usually run around $24 and the last charm I got there was only $9.99.
  4. heh, that's the exact outlet I was referring to..! :smile:
  5. The new Penguin, Snowflake, and Snowman are all at the outlets now too. It's kinda funny because they are still available on the Coach website for more than $24.
  6. That's what I thought when I saw you were from Minnesota! I go at least twice a month seeing how I'm only about a half hour away from it and I always leave with something.
  7. the letters/signs are $9.99 and the cell phone charms are $34 I believe and the keychains were $39 I was there yesterday and passed up the "w" fob because the color didnt match any of my purses! dumn dumb dumb!
  8. I see them a lot... silver ones and the ones that are "fancier" like the monkey and the toucan that came out a while back are $29 or $39? I think... and they usually have leftover initial ones for $9.99... they only had Q and U last time I went to mine :sad:
  9. You should be able to find some for $9.99. I got initial charms, smiley face charm and a coach sig heart for this price in Vegas. They had others for $14.99 up to $25-ish. I stocked up on the ones for $9.99 tho. They were perfect for my teen girls to give out for Christmas and birthday gifts. They attached a charm to a mini skinny (bought for $23 at the outlets) and it was a perfect Christmas gift for their friends. We still have about 5 charms left and 2 mini skinnies that I'm sure we'll find homes for soon. My SIL is having a birthday soon so she'll be getting one.

    I LOVE the outlets!!
  10. there is room here...i promise to take good care of
  11. I actually just saw the Penguin and Snowman for $16. The braided leather keychains with a keyring on each end are $24. I also saw Alphabet keychains for $9.99
  12. Each outlet must charge differently. I wonder why one outlet could charge $24, because that is what they were here in Marysville, WA, and yours are so much cheaper?
  13. ^ Good question. Maybe some outlets haven't updated their systems? Anyhow, I went pretty recently -Monday 12/31 so perhaps that makes a difference. These keychains were right by the cash register. Maybe even call each outlet with the Style # just to be sure all of our info posted above is accurate?
  14. My sister just went to her Outlet last night (she's only 10 min. from her Outlet) and said the Snowman, Penguin, and Snowflake Keyfobs were $24, whereas the Charms/Cell Charms were $9.99, $16 or $24, depending on styles. Perhaps, the Charms and Keyfobs were cheaper prior to New Years day and just no longer on sale now? I had her pick up a Snowman Keyfob for me though!
  15. Last time I was at the outlet they had a lot of keyfobs for $24 and the letter charms for $9.99. They never have my letters though. =(