Key Cases

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  1. I didn't have much luck doing a search on prada key cases, aside from Prada Psycho's gold saffiano one, does anyone else here have any of the Prada 6-key cases?
    If so, does your valet key fit in it? (My master key and valet key are the same size)

    I got a corolla, and the master key is too big so it won't close in my current key holder (Amarante Vernis 4-key from LV).

    The LV 6-key holder can fit my master key, buttt I don't like the epi, regular monogram, damier ebony/azur. And they don't make vernis 6-key holders.

    Thanks gals!
  2. Don't get a Prada keycase. Prada hasn't figured out yet that we ALL have huge car keys. Gucci keycases have a larger hook for newer style keys. Get the feeling I retired my Prada for a Gucci? You're right! ;)

    Here's a pic of a Gucci from Raffaello Network:

  3. OOH Thanks! You're such a doll! After I posted this thread, I searched around again, and I read across that your Saffiano gold key case didn't wear very well, I was devastated. :{
    My blue saffiano zip wallet is wearing away on all the edges, pretty much just like how LV epi wears off, it's like the color is a thin sheet or something that's embossed onto the leather body for the wallet. :{ I'm starting to wonder if getting a nylon zip wallet would be better?

    Thanks for showing me the gucci key case on rafaello, looks like I'll be getting that, the key cases on the gucci site, are not for me.

    Is this the gucci key case you have? Or do you have something else? :}