Key cases??

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  1. Besides the Bearn....

    Does anyone have any pictures, comments, or theories on key cases????

    I think there has been some scuffling going on in my bag, and I need to separate my keys from the rest of the class..........:boxing:

    AND I think the H on my bearn has been arguing with my agendas as no more bearns for me, not until I get a bigger bag (which will/may be a while.....;))

    Thakn you so much for your thoughts!!!!
  2. .... I have the Bearn..... love it!
  3. I saw a new keycase at one of the H stores here in SG. It's closure is a press button. But it's very flat and does not have the thickness of the bearn key case.
  4. hmmmm....I love the look of the bearn, but I am afraid of scratches on the other goods. is that crazy?

    Thanks mrsS, I will have to ask SA if there is anything like that in the store....
  5. I tried the same thing and did not find any in H so I got a bueberry one.

    It is Here
  6. Hmm, I remember Perja getting one in a different line which had a snap closure, let me see if I can find it
  7. ok found it!
    here's Perja's post about it, it's the thill keycase which she got on sale, i'm not sure if they still make it or not

    here's her pic:
  8. ^^ They do still make it.

    I have one that snaps and it is wonderful! A perfect bright color, soft smooth leather (veau miroir) and keeps my bags scratch free from all the jingling keys. LOVE IT!
  9. YAY!! Thank you!
    A quest!! The Thill! great. I did not see this in the store.

    I think I would be more comfortable with the snap closure.

    Diana, thank you for digging that up for me!:heart:
    Thanks everyone for the input.
  10. BTW I find myself just snapping one of the snaps (vs both) and it works just fine. Not cumbersome at all like the H (bearns style) would have been for me.
  11. Definitely get the keycase. I have Perja's twin - but in Sapphire Blue. Love it! It'll protect the interior of your purse.
  12. Love the Thill!!
  13. Thought I would upload some more detailed photos for references. Here is my Thill in Veau Miroir leather in Rouge Vif.
  14. [​IMG]