Key case

  1. This is probably a stupid question..but I got a vintage vuitton key case (6).

    How do I put keys on it? Do I open the things up and how do I do that?
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  3. they should be J shaped.
    push your keys into the J, they stay put! youi do kind of ahve to force it.
    Post a pic if it looks diff than , say, the one on elux.
    is it authentic?
  4. I got it from a mypoupette seller. These clasps seem closed, not j-shaped.
  5. I have one, but my sister put the keys on it for me. Sorry, I can't help. Could you call your local store and someone assist you.
  6. I've never seen one like that - mine are j-shaped. Can you post a picture? With most of them there is a way to open the whole assembly, but you shouldn't need to do that to put a key on. The reasons for opening it would be to replace one of the hooks.