Key Bell Clochette

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  1. Not sure if I am posting in the right category or not. I am looking to buy the key bell clochette. Except I am having no luck in getting it ordered. Customer service says they can not order it, local LV store says no if I don't have a bag that it came with. For those of you who have gotten one please provide me some info. as to how I can get one ? Thank you !
  2. Try a different boutique if you can. It helps if you have a relationship with your SA too. Some stores will sell and some won't. Or even ask a different SA in your store. Good luck!
  3. This. I just ordered the strap and key bell for an amethyste empreinte Speedy so that I can use them on my Metis Hobo. its all about the relationship with your SA.
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