Key and Change Holder suitable for Men ?

  1. just wan to check whether the key and change holder suitable for Men ?
  2. Of course... why wouldn't it be? I'm a guy and I use a damier ebene one for credit cards, and a groom cles for cash
  3. i see...
  4. You mean the Pochette Cles? Of course, in fact I collect them. Naturally, not all lines are suitable for a guy, like the Cherry Blossoms e.g.
  5. I'm a guy and use damier cles too
  6. the 1 im interested in is the damier canvas line.
  7. Yeah, the cles is awesome and it is listed in the men's section as well as the women's :biggrin:
  8. i suppose i will get it then.
  9. Definitely!!!
  10. Most of them are totally unisex.
  11. definitely!
  12. Definitely suitable! I have a black Suhali Cles.
  13. I want a damier cles! It's perfect for a guy!
  14. I think it's perfect for a guy! Maybe not a cles in framboise vernis, better a damier, but sure it's ok for a guy! :smile: