Key 6 holder bar, should it be straight

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  1. Hi All

    I just want to double check before I got to store that I'm not over exaggerating before I go to a LV store in london to check if it's fault.

    Should the bar the straight on the top?

    My bar can move with just fingered press.

    I've never been to store and have heard how rude they can be in London so I don't want to look stupid. I've always ordered on phone or over the phone so far.

    If anyone who had a 6/4 key holder could post a picture of there bar that would be great.
  2. I'm trying to upload my picture but it won't let me
  3. Can you see the right hand side is not straight

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  4. Mein looks the same.
  5. Iook it into store in new bins street and was tild it didnt look tigjt. They said the bar needs replacing but it might need to be sent to France for replacement. So could be 8 weeks : ( .