Kevyn Aucoin line?

  1. Just wondering if anyone loves this line. Any products you would recommend (or steer clear of)?

  2. I have never tried these products but I do have several makeup brushes. I really like them.
  3. I use his eyebrow pencil. IT IS THE BEST! It gives me gorgeous "movie star" brows.
  4. i have his sensual skin enhancer and the cream blush. the blush is really nice-has a kind of silicone-y feel to it so that it blends very easily and well while simultaneously not sliding around on your face once you apply it somewhere. as for the sensual skin enhancer, it's really hard to work with on its own because it's very thick. but if you have the time to play with it and try mixing it with different mediums it's highly pigmented and looks great on :tup:. plus the teeny jar is great for travel.
  5. ^^Good to know! Thank you!
  6. Which blush do you recommend?
  7. i like the creamy moistglow cream blush in liquifuschia-it looks hot pink, but applies to a nice soft color that adds a nice pop of color to my face :tup:
  8. ^^I love that "flushed" look!
  9. I use his lip glosses and love them, very nice colors :okay:
    I also have The Sculpting Powder that i use under the bronzer and i really like it , it gives nice definition to the face :tender:
  10. I love his mascara... it reminds me a bit of "kiss my face" mascara... it doesn't seem to run... and when you wash it off... it kind of just flakes right off. Its awesome! :smile: