Kevyn Aucoin @Hautelook 75% off

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  1. Nothing over $7.00

    The Expert Lip Tint $5.75

    The Rouge Hommage $6.75

    The Liquid Patent Lip $6.75

    The Liquid Lipstick $6.75

    The Elegant Lip Gloss $6.75

    Flesh Tone Lip Pencil Deep $6.00

    Brushstroke Eye Powder Pencil $6.75

    Prime Color Creme Eye Shadow $6.75

    Essential Eye Shadow Singles Passion $7.00
  2. these are great prices.

    if the sensual skin finish were available, i would go nuts, but i have to slow down on makeup...i have been going bonkers lately and am running out of space.
  3. great prices! too bad the mascara isn't on sale. booo :sad:
  4. I love his blushes and the shimmer
  5. #5 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    I picked up a Rouge Hommage, an Elegant Lip Gloss, a Flesh Tone Lip Pencil and a couple of Essential Eye Shadow Singles. I've never tried this line before but I love his books and I remember seeing him on an episode of Sex and the City, he seemed very cool. Also read reviews here, MUA & Temptalia ( I heard the sensual skin finish is fabulous...wish they had it, I would love to try it).
  6. Just ordered some lip liners and lipsticks.. the prices were fantastic..

    thanks so much for sharing and posting......
  7. I bought 2 liquid lip patents. I haven't tried this line either, but at that price you couldn't buy cheapo gloss at Walgreens

    Very excited! Thanks for posting:yahoo:

  8. ^ ITA.. took a chance..after all how bad could these be..

    you can always mix them with other products:nuts:
  9. I picked up a few items to try, I've never tried any of his products. If I dont like it I can pass it on for my sister to try.
  10. the products are really amazing.

    i have used a lot of them, but the SSF is the standout (the lipsticks are fantastic too). honestly, it's one of the best products i've ever used. the application is flawless, whether you're using your fingers or a brush, and it stays put like there's no tomorrow.

    it is worth trying for the $40 or $45 retail price. the pot lasts forever. easily 8-12 months. the only place that carries it in-store (that i know of) is neiman's.
  11. Thanks for the info! Now I need to hunt it down, we don't have Neiman Marcus here :cry:
  12. is SSF the same of SSE. That's the only one i saw on his website. What makes SSF really good? just curious..=)
  13. fans- if you search her site, you'll see a few of the lip products on her lips. I bought 3 just from what I saw on the site.
  14. sorry, yes, it's the sensual skin enhancer. skinfinish must have been on my mind because i use that to set my makeup daily. :biggrin:

    the formula for SSE is just very creamy, yet lightweight. it blends in seamlessly and stays put, plus the pot lasts forever.
  15. i just searched my spam and found a $10 hautelook credit. i got a lipstick for $1