Kevin Federline Refuses to sign Divorce Papers

  1. I hate to post this in the Celebrity Section as I hate to pander to his ego and class him a celebrity but I couldn't think where else to put it!

    *Britney Spear's estranged husband Kevin Federline is reportedly refusing to sign their divorce papers. He is said to be concerned about Britney's relapse into her old lifestyle after her stint in rehab earlier this year and is worried about the well-being of their children.

    Although the divorce between the couple is yet to be finalised, they reached a "global divorce settlement on all issues of their marriage" in March in which the couple would share joint custody of their two young sons, Sean Preston, 21 months, and ten month old Jayden James.

    Said a source: "It's not about the money. It's her partying ways that is forcing Kevin to put his foot down."

    Yeah right - he's holding out for more money I think!!!
  2. The entire situation is trashy, but it's probably a tossup on who'd be better off with the kids...
  3. I get the impression that if he'd actually helped parent more instead of partying himself when he lived with Britney and the kids they wouldn't be getting a divorce.
  4. Holding out for mo' money IMO
  5. Both Kevin and Britney are terrible parents and have no clue. I feel sorry for those children. Access Hollywood stated last night that Child Services has been to Brit's house 3 times this week because she refuses to put a fence around her pool and guess what Kevin's pool also doesn't have a fence around it! Yikes!
  6. poor kids....
  7. I am just sick of K-Fed and everything relating to him! He's like a nasty cold.. you try to get rid of it and yet it keeps coming back!
  8. ^^^^^

  9. Ugh!

  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I was just thinking that he's like a disease!
  11. If I had to choose, I'd say he's the better parent at this point. I can't really say I blame him. I never thought I'd say this but he showed real class during her stint in rehab by not publicly trashing her and by trying to take care of the kids. He could have gotten an emergency custody order and taken them when she had her meltdown. He then could have demanded child support from HER. He didn't drag her into the gutter because I think he truly cares about her and what is best for the mother of his kids.
  12. Thats awful. A family friend of ours lost her child threw drowing in a swimming pool. The child crawled under the pool cover, and of course couldn't get back out again and drowned in the pool.

    I've been terrified of my children near any water since then.
  13. I totally agree. I use to bash KFED but in this case, he actually showed to be more responsible one. I too am surprised that he didnt ask for the emergency custody and child support but it just shows you that we dont always know the whole story to everything. He might have been a good parent all along, but didnt get his chance to show it because of everything else going on.
  14. i'm so over hearing about kevin federline. he's so EEEWWWW! anyway, i think they should just hurry up and do what they need to do, and be done with it. that way, we don't need to hear about them anymore.
  15. You and I are on the same page.