kevin federline on CSI?

  1. did anybody watch kevin federline (aka Mr. Britney Spears) on CSI Vegas last Thursday? He was actually not too bad... but then again he was just like playing himself... a punk:P Not bad though for his "acting debut"
  2. No, I missed it and I am a AVID CSI junkie! I saw parts but not enough to say I watched it -bummer!!! Regardless that KF played a role - CSI is my favorite show!!! All verisons -CSI NY, CSI, CSI Miami - AWESOME SHOW!!!
  3. I did, he was pretty good. He played a loud mouth punk, bad guy...hmm, not much of a stretch, I
  4. I saw it too -- I thought he was going to have a bigger part from some of the PR I had read about it. Maybe it's a recurring part?
  5. It is not on in the Uk yet - can't wait to see it though :smile:
  6. yes i also watched the episode. i agree his acting wasn't bad but it was the fact that it was him that kept me laughing. he only had like 5 or so lines, not too much. seriously, i didn't even know that he was going to be on csi until i saw him, i was very surprised.
  7. darn i missed it!
  8. oh i wanted to see this episode!!
  9. I saw the episode and thought he was good. I was surprised to see him too.
  10. i agree... he was playing himself but he was good at doing that...
    i think maybe most ppl don't give him enough "benefit of doubts" since he landed britney and is all gangsta/pimp-like...

    i think the man has ambition... gotta keep working harder tho... 'cuz right now.. he is still pretty much a joke...