Kevin Federline: My Children Come First

  1. Kevin Federline: My Children Come First

    THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2006 05:40PM EST
    By Brian Orloff

    Federline in July Photo by: Splash News
    As Kevin Federline's music career gears up – with the release of his album and a tour both coming up – he says his family is still his priority.

    "Children come first," he tells Extra, in an interview scheduled to air Thursday.

    Federline and his wife, Britney Spears, have two sons together: Sean Preston, 1, and Sutton Pierce, who was born on Sept. 12. Federline also has two other children – Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2 – with actress Shar Jackson.

    The aspiring rapper will release his debut album, Playing With Fire, on Halloween. Noting that he's not the first musician in the family, he calls Spears his musical mentor. "She gave me comments about the music," he says. "She's helped me on the business side of it."

    And, Federline says, his wife's jaw "about dropped" when she heard the finished version of his album.

    More immediately, though, Federline will appear on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Thursday. On the episode, titled "Fannysmackin,'" he'll play a thuggish teen who hassles the investigators, hampering their work.

    Following the release of Playing With Fire, Federline will test out his material in a series of live, club shows, beginning Nov. 4 in New York and running through a Nov. 12 stop in Norfolk, Va.
  2. what a joke.... my kids come first. Does he know what that means ?
  3. what a big, fat liar! LOL!

    I bet his kids are really on his mind as he's getting lap dances in VEgas!!!

    What a dud.
  4. Yeah right! Using Britney as an ATM and partying come first in his life. He is such a loser!:yucky:
  5. Do we have "stupid" stamped on our foreheads?? (hate to quote Dr. Phil, but it fits)

  6. Please, spare me!!
  7. LOL! bag fetish you took the words right out of my mouth:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. I'm about to vomit:throwup: uuh why is he soo gross:shocked:
  9. Like he has a choice! The only reason he's still around is because of Britney 'his meal ticket' Spears!
  10. How pathetic!:throwup:
  11. Liar Liar Pant's on Fire!

    He's a slimey breeding machine!

    P.S. Could not resist commenting on that! Okay! Detox back on! See you guys!~ (^_^)
  12. Well now I know what I'm gonna be doing Nov. 12th---checking out KFed in Norfolk!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!! he's such a dream boat! and soooo talented too!!! Oh golly I can hardly WAIT!!!!!

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: indeed
  14. :yucky: He's so nasty! I cannot stand him! He's a total sponge.
  15. I feel like if a woman had done that interview she would have just slapped him for saying such an outright lie!!!!!!